(1). Are no credit check mobile phones open to everyone?

- Yes. At ISAES Phones we do not have any caps or restrictions as to who can apply for no credit check mobile phones. However, we can’t also be oblivious to the fact that when we first rolled out no credit check mobile phones, our main objective was to target and help people who had perennially been denied a phone contract because of poor credit rating. That notwithstanding, anyone can apply for no credit checks mobile phones.

(2). Can I be approved for no credit check mobile phones even if I have a history of CCJs?

- Yes. You do not have to worry if you have a history of defaults or CCJs. Our no credit check mobile phones are open to UK citizens who’ve had a history of CCJs or defaults. However, in order for us to approve you and get you a better plan, we might require you to pay an upfront payment just to mitigate the risks from our side.

(3). What could inform the rejection of my no credit check mobile phones application?

- Ordinarily, we strive to approve every application we receive. However, in as much as we do not put a lot of emphasis on a person’s credit score, there are instances where we are forced to reject an application. Such instances include willfully providing wrongful and misleading information on your application form as well as due to errors of omission and commission.

(4). Can I apply even if I have no credit score?

- We understand that getting approved for a phone contract without any credit history is a mirage and an exercise in futility considering that most providers have no way of determining your financial responsibility. However, you need worry not as we approve applications from individuals with no prior credit history so that they can build their score from scratch. Consequently, individuals with a poor credit history can get a shot at rebuilding their credit report by applying for no credit check mobile phones.

(5). Can I apply for a high end Smartphone with no credit check mobile phones?

- Yes and no. No because high end smartphones pose the greatest risk to us should you default on payment and therefore we more often than not advise individuals to go for mobile phones that are not too expensive. Yes because if you make an upfront payment, we have no reason to deter you from applying for a mobile phone of choice.

(6). Is it mandatory for me to pay an upfront payment prior to approval?

- While mandatory does not really describe it, the truth of the matter is that we at times require you to pay a deposit prior to us approving your no credit check mobile phones. However, we can assure you that we always refund your deposit at the expiry of your contract with us provided that you meet your monthly obligations and that your account is in good standing.

(7). What kind of mobile phones are available for me to choose?

- The truth of the matter is that you have limitless choices when it comes to choosing the kind of mobile phone you want. It doesn’t matter whether you have a liking for HTC phones, Samsung galaxy phones, Nokia Lumia phones, or Motorola phones. We can assure you that you are at liberty to go for whatever kind of phone you have always yearned for.

(8). Do you also offer plans for refurbished phones?

- Yes. We understand that not everyone is on equal footing as regards finances. In light of this, we also offer refurbished phones to UK individuals who are just looking for a basic phone and don’t have the financial muscle. As such, based on your budget, you can choose to go for a brand new or refurbished phone.